The View from Tehran

The western media has its own preoccupations and biases; here’s a selection of articles  with a view through the eyes of Tehran filed by reporters in Iran’s news media covering the Geneva negotiations:

Fars News Agency

Fars reported on an Iran-US bilateral that was NOT a bilateral as both sides agreed. Here’s an explanation:

In earlier remarks on Tuesday, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister and Spokesman of Iran’s team of negotiators in talks with the world powers Seyed Abbas Araqchi announced that no discussions were held on bilateral relations between Tehran and Washington during the meetings of their representatives on the sidelines of the Geneva negotiations.

Araqchi, who is the second man in the nuclear talks with the world powers, met with Head of the US delegation Wendy Sherman on Tuesday night after the second round of talks between Iran and the Group 5+1 (the five permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany).

At the meeting, the two diplomats discussed the contents of the multilateral talks between Iran and the Group 5+1.

“We don’t have discussions with the US on bilateral ties at all and speak with them merely on the nuclear issue,” Araqchi told reporters after meeting Sherman.

Iranian Students’ News Agency (ISNA)

ISNA confirmed the meeting between Iranian and US deputy FMs Argachi and Sherman and also provided a confirmation by Araqchi that the Additional Protocol was part of Iran’s offer.

Press TV

Press TV focused on positive comments from White House Press Secretary Jay Carney about the talks and Iran’s position.

And finally, a Press TV report on a bipartisan initiative in the US Congress to suspend the adoption of sanctions.

One thought on “The View from Tehran”

  1. By way of basic historical background and political context helpful in understanding “the view from Tehran,” I’ve found David Patrikarakos’ book, Nuclear Iran: The Birth of an Atomic State (I.B. Tauris, 2012), to be essential reading.

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