Rouhani on CNN today – Sanctions bill discussion in US Senate pushed back

To dismantle centrifuges or not, that is the question. Tune in to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s interview with Fareed Zakaria on CNN (10 a.m. EST time) for the view from Tehran. For a preview see here.

Rouhani raised a number of issues concerning the deal with the EU3+3 at the World Economic Forum in Davos as reported by Martin Baron and Anne Gearan of the Washington Post.  Rouhani’s appearance in Davos earned some positive response from Iran’s domestic press, even from conservative media, according to this piece by Ramin Mostaghim and Alexandra Sandels of the LA Times.

Meanwhile in Washington D.C., Senate Democratic leader from Nevada, Harry Reid, who controls the Senate calendar, took the initiative and managed for the time being to delay any discussion on the sanctions bill giving room to the White House and to Senators resisting the bill to maneuver, reports Doyle McManus of the LA Times.

Amir Paivan of the BBC Persian service reports on the financial impact resulting from the nuclear deal on Iran’s floundering economy.

And finally, George Perkovich’s op-ed in Foreign Affairs on why “Demanding zero enrichment from Iran makes zero sense.”

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